Hey White Smile (1 person kit)

$15.00 $79.00
Hey White Smile (1 person kit)

The Hey White Smile  Whitening Kit is the NEW and AFFORDABLE way to whiten your teeth at Home or on the Go in just 10 mins!

  • Nationwide Bestseller!
  • Eliminates Noticeable Surface Stains!
  • Celebrity Endorsed Kit!
  • Whiter Teeth in Minutes!
  • Available in Blue and White

Sale Price Only $15 Per Kit! Regular Price $69.00 Per Kit!


  • 3x 3ml Whitening Gels... specially formulated to increase your teeth’s whiteness.
  • 2x  Whitening Trays
  • Our Hey White LED... enhances the whitening gel process, whitening your teeth even faster and lasting results.

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